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"This movie pissed me off so much, that I made a web site dedicated to it."
--Les Jeffy

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About Sabbath

Ever get sick of CG, realism, or stories that make too much sense? Maybe you enjoy the style of independant film? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then Sabbath is the movie for you. Sabbath is the latest and greatest zombie film on the market. It has that welcoming INDIE film feel to it, which really brings out the talents of the cast. Don't take my word for it, go out and BUY it today. Also, if you buy two or more copies, you will recieve a free copy of an autographed photo of the cast. Limit 1 per household. You pay shipping.


Some of the cast have requested that I leave their names out of the listing.

  • Lead Actress -- Fat Latino Chick
  • Lead Actor ("MAC") -- Black dude with Corn Rows
  • Zombie One -- Friend
  • Zombie Two -- Homeless Male
  • Zombie Three -- Homeless Female
  • Zombie Four -- Homeless Elderly Male
  • Zombie Five -- My Mom
  • Zombie Six -- My Mom (different outfit)
  • Bubble Gum Face -- My Grandma
  • Brother A -- My Brother Eric
  • Brother B -- My Friend Mike
  • Preacher -- My Grandpa Steve
  • Cemetary Chick -- Stripper
  • Grim Reaper -- Me!
  • Demons in Black Sweatshirts -- My Mom, Brothers, Me, and my GF

Q&A with the Director

Q: Firstly, where did you get the idea for Sabbath?
A: Well, I'm not really sure, but I kinda like zombie movies.

Q: How much money went into the making of Sabbath?
A: Everyone is always complaining that it's low budget. Here's a newflash: it's an INDIE movie. To answer you question, at LEAST 20 USD.

Q: Ok, but Clerks and Evil Dead were both low budget, and they were great! Why haven't the critics been so kind to you?
A: I'd say that Sabbath easily trumps Clerks, Evil Dead, and every other indie film out there, the critics are just CG crazed Micheal Bay fans.

Q: Um, niether Clerks nor Evil Dead use CG in their films.
A: They don't? Then how did Evil Dead get such realistic blood and gore effects? Hmm?

Q: (Sigh) I don't know. Tell me, what type of lens did you use in filming Sabbath?
A: Good question. I've asked the makers of my cell phone, LG, to send me some specifications, but they have yet to get back to me. I know it's a 2 Mega-Pixel wide angle video lens about the diameter of a BB.

Q: Interesting. What kind of props did you use in the movie?
A: We used several high-end film props, here's a brief list:
-2 Black Ski Masks (for the demons),
-2 Black Sweat Suits (also for the demons),
-Bubble Gum with Red Corn Syrup (for the Zombie with bubble gum on her face),
-1 Potato Cannon (made custom for the film by my brother Eric),
-Various fruits and vegetables (for the potato cannon),
-Several of my grandfather's prized guns,
-Some thrift store clothing, pre ripped,
-A old wheat sythe, we had to clean the rust off of it, but it still had the rustic effect.
-Oh, and we used my mom's mac to generate the potato cannon, and other, effects.

Q: But I thought you were against CG?
A: That's not CG.

Q: Well, if the effects, or "graphics", were generated by a "computer" then, yes, they are CG. A: Oh, well, it's not the CG that you would find with a big-box theatrical release.

Q: Obviously. Tell me, where was Sabbath filmed?
A: Well, the outdoor scenes were mostly filmed on my uncles ranch. We had to obtain special permission to film there. The indoor scenes were filmed INSIDE of the ranch house, which is why we couldn't break the window when the zombie was at it. I would have had to work it off for a week, at least! The cemetery scenes were at our local cemetary, we were supposed to get permits, but my staff had issues setting that up, so we were eventually kicked out.

Q: The sound effects for Sabbath have been highly criticized, where did you get them?
A: They are professional effects obtained from a soundboard online. However, my uncle didn't have a WiFi connection, so we ended up having to loop the same three sounds hundreds of times. Like I said before, it's an indie movie.

Q: How did you feel about the cast of Sabbath?
A: I loved em! Well, most of them were family, but Mack and that Latino Girl kinda pissed me off. First, neither one of them have ever acted before, and they refused to pay for lessons to be in my film. They seemed very stuck up, and quite frankly, neither one could act their way out of a paper bag.

Q: If they didn't have any experience, then why did you hire them?
A: Once again, this is an INDIE MOVIE, and I didn't have to pay them anyway.

Q: How do you feel about the bad reviews on IMDB?
A: Terrible, in order to up my rating I plan on posting as different users, like I did with my previous film Dead Life.

Q: Do you end up profiting from Sabbath? Or, because of the cheap price, did you break even?
A: Well, I've made TONS of money off of Sabbath, but that's not the issue. I'd let the movie be free! I've found that most people who have bought Sabbath would have paid at least 6 times as much for it. It really is the best zombie movie ever made.

Q: Why don't you make it free then? Post Sabbath on YouTube.
A: Because... I don't know what YouTube is. Off the record, you're a bitch.

Q: Do you have any future movie making plans?
A: Not at the moment, we're thinking about releasing a Sabbath collector's edition though.